Go-lang SDK

Collectif-Go-SDK is the main client for Filecoin Storage Providers to interact with Collective Liquid Staking protocol it wraps around all the complexities of joining Collectif protocol, pledging capital from the liquid staking pool into miner's Initial Pledge, and managing SPs collateral.

Right now the most popular clients in the Filecoin network are Lotus which is developed and maintained by Protocol Labs, Venus developed by IPFS Force, and Forest. We’re likely to start developing a Rust version to support Forest client implementation.


Install the package into your Lotus/Venus nodes using go mod:

go get github.com/collective-dao/collectif-go-sdk

Build from source

After installing an SDK please make sure you build by running make all

Using via CLI

The command line interface provides most of the functions of the SDK for Storage Providers to simplify the interactions with the Collectif DAO protocol on FVM.

The main functionality includes but is not limited to

  • Registration on Collectif DAO

  • Changing beneficiaries for Staking Pool

  • Collateral management

  • Pledging from Liquid Staking pool

  • Filecoin Wallet management

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