๐Ÿ’ฐHow to Prepare Wallet

Here is a quick instruction for you to prepare your Metamask wallet and start staking your FIL on the Collectif protocol

Install Metamask extension

To start working with the Hyperspace network or any Ethereum network you'll need a Metamask wallet. You can find the latest version of the extension on the official Metamask website here.

Add Hyperspace network into your Metamask

After you set up your Metamask you'll need to add the Hyperspace Filecoin network. Please visit the Chainlist website. Connect your Metamask wallet, find a network with Chain ID 3141, and press the "Add to Metamask button".

Get some test tFIL tokens from the Hyperspace faucet

To execute any transaction, it's required to get some tFIL from the faucet. Copy your wallet address and click the "Send" button. It would take about 30-60 seconds for the faucet to give you 5 tFIL tokens.

Connect your wallet to Collectif DAO App

Once you have some tFIL on your wallet on the Hyperspace network you're free to stake on the Collectif DAO application. Please visit our app and connect your wallet.

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