What is liquid staking?

Liquid staking allows you to stake your cryptocurrency while retaining the ability to use or trade it. Through Collectif DAO, you can stake FIL and receive clFIL tokens that represent your staked assets, including the principal FIL amount and a share of mining rewards.

What is Collectif DAO?

Collectif DAO is a non-custodial liquid staking protocol built on the Filecoin network. It enables users to stake their FIL and receive clFIL (Collective Filecoin) tokens in return. Staked FIL is allocated to storage providers who use it to expand their mining operations, while clFIL can be utilized in the DeFi ecosystems of Filecoin and Ethereum.

How does Collectif DAO work?

To participate in Collectif DAO, users stake their FIL into the liquid staking pool and receive clFIL tokens representing their stake. The staked FIL is utilized by storage providers to onboard additional storage capacity. As storage providers mine new blocks, they share a portion of their rewards with stakers, generating yield over staked FIL. Mining rewards are withdrawn on a daily basis, which contributes to an increase in the clFIL-to-FIL price.

Why Collectif DAO?
  • Collectif DAO works with the most sophisticated Storage Providers in the Filecoin network and has the highest requirements for operational performance.

  • Slashing risks are covered by SP's collateral (only liquid FIL) which includes storage faults, consensus faults, and non-earned rewards. Making it much safer to stake on Collectif DAO when it comes to SP misconduct.

  • Storage Providers earn up to 40% more by working with Collectif DAO which maximizes yield for stakers

How rewards are distributed between Stakers and Storage Providers?

Stakers receive 40% of mining rewards and Storage Providers receive 60% of rewards. There is no protocol fee

What is a clFIL token?

clFIL (Collectif Filecoin) is a liquid staking token that represents a yield-bearing asset on top of FIL. As storage providers generate mining rewards, the price of clFIL increases, enabling stakers to receive more FIL per clFIL token.

How can I get a clFIL token?

The simplest method to obtain clFIL tokens is by staking your FIL coins through our application. Once you stake your FIL into the liquid staking pool, you will receive clFIL tokens in return.

Has the protocol been audited?

Yes, the Collectif DAO codebase has been audited by Decurity. a reputable blockchain security firm. You can find our audit report here.

We prioritize working exclusively with audited firms that have maintained a strong security track record and ZERO dollars lost.

How slashing is being protected?

Slashing protection is in place to safeguard against various types of misconduct within Collectif DAO, including storage faults, consensus faults, and missed rewards. Storage Providers (SPs) contribute collateral in FIL to a dedicated smart contract, which serves as a buffer to cover potential losses. If an SP is subject to slashing, the corresponding amount is drawn from this collateral to cover any losses incurred by the staking pool.

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